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Fall Makes a Cameo Appearance!

Fun in downtown Broadway!

Autumn came to the Broadway - Timberville Fall Festival! I must admit I was a little doubtful it would show up. At 8:00 this morning, the air was still steamy and the sky was heavy with moisture.

But around noon, the wind shifted, the sky darkened, and splashes of rain began to scatter. The temperature dropped, and fall appeared -- just in time for the celebration!

The Fall Festival is always an exciting event! I enjoy scoping out vendors, sampling food (thanks, Hummingbird bistro!), and just being outside after spending a full week in my classroom. But most of all, I love reconnecting with old (and new) friends! Our lives are so busy, and we don't always make time to visit. Meeting up at community events is a special kind of serendipity.

We are fortunate to live in a place that still celebrates the changing of seasons-- still sees the importance of creating events that bring the community together. I had a wonderful day at the Broadway - Timberville Fall Festival. Hope your first fall-like day was amazing as well!

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